Cafe Ciudad, Camaguey

This triptych sculpture (2012) by artist Martha Jimenez is located in the Cafe Ciudad. These artworks are hung and sway in the courtyard of Cafe Ciudad, a coffee shop located in the monumental center of the city of Camaguey.

Three interesting ceramic pieces, each one sitting on swing, are an attractive offer during a visit to the place to drink coffee, enjoying as well the atmosphere of plants. The triptych has the main idea of ??coffee as infusion that invites to a pleasant meeting. It is inspired by the festivals of Bacchus. The three figures (the Bacchus and the two female harlequin) are related to everyday life and also to the enjoyed ritual of drinks, in harmony with the place and its architecture.

The luxuriuos yard has an intimate atmosphere to enjoy a cup of steaming coffee, an exquisite wine, and the artistic works of Martha Jimenez; to beatify the simplicity of style, of a time and a city that never forgets its culture.