Santa Cecilia Conventions Center, Camaguey

"This triptych is basically identified by two flattering aspects: the right choice of an extra format and an accomplished management in the preciousness of color. It is for this reason that the system is not designed to look closely, it technically requires a distance from the viewer of not less than five meters as elementary rule of appreciation. Only from there you can begin to appreciate the aesthetic levels reached by the author", as expressed Yaniel Perez Guerra, curator and specialist in visual arts. 

The specialist also said that "Advent is a certainly commendable delivery, authentic, especially prepared in a the time of unquestionable creative maturity. It is therefore a very brave proposal, pulsing the dimension of an artist with exemplary probity of art ".

On the other hand, the Santa Cecilia Convention Center is an emblem of architectural heritage in Camaguey. The building was built in the Republican era, as the headquarters of the People Society Santa Cecilia. It is located in the Plaza de los Trabajadores, one of the five founding places of the town of Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe.